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Brittany Karlson, Professional Musician and AmSAT certified Alexander Technique Teacher

Brittany Karlson is an AmSAT certified Alexander Technique Teacher with a decade of experience in the Alexander Technique. She is an upright bassist of 20+ years and was introduced to A.T. while struggling with a tendonitis injury which healed over the course of her first 10 lessons. Brittany has experience teaching A.T. lessons and workshops to people in a variety of age ranges, mobilities, professions, and walks of life. She is passionate about cultivating an environment of respect and vibrancy during lessons to create space for dynamic learning. Brittany is AmSAT certified, having completed a 1600-hour teacher training course with additional student teaching at the Alexander Technique Training Center in Newton, MA under the direction of Ruth Kilroy. Brittany has recently relocated her teaching studio from Boston, MA to Brooklyn, NY.

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