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Lessons and Workshops

Brittany offers individual lessons and group workshops in a variety of contexts.

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Individual Lessons

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Group workshops (series or one-time)


Organizational Wellness

A private Alexander Technique lesson is 45 minutes and includes verbal instructions and gentle tactile guidance to bring postural relationships into optimal organization. Movements addressed during lessons include sitting in a chair, standing, walking, resting semi-supine on a table, positions related to work or hobbies, or any other activities which may occur frequently in everyday life unique to the individual.


Similar to learning a musical instrument, learning to listen to the "music" of the spine is a dynamic learning process aimed at giving the student tools to use themself well in everyday life. That is why learning the Alexander Technique is referred to as "lessons," not a treatment, therapy, physical therapy, or fitness exercises.


A first lesson includes: F.M. Alexander's story, the 5 principles of the Alexander Technique, "sitting/standing" discussion/demonstration, hands-on guidance near a chair or table, and addressing specific concerns/questions.  One lesson is a fantastic introduction to what the Alexander Technique is all about, with 5-10 lessons recommended for a fuller picture.

In addition to Introductory Workshops offered by Brittany, group workshops are offered by special request. 

Groups or organizations who may benefit from a workshop include: business professionals, musicians, sign language interpreters, theater groups, physical labor professionals, sports teams/fitness groups, seniors, health care professionals, and more.

 A five-lesson series sample curriculum may include: Introduction to the Alexander Technique, position of mechanical advantage, sitting/standing, walking, table work, hands on the back of a chair, or specialized topics of interest (related to work, hobbies, or other tasks).

Please be in touch if you and a small group are interested in arranging a an introductory workshop or group series.

Modern businesses face constant challenges. Employee health is key for organizational wellness, productivity, and employee retention. Please contact about wellness options for your organization, whether employees sit at computers, or stand and perform hands-on tasks or physical labor. 

Option for structuring: One-time group workshop centered around employee workstations/environments, or one-time group workshop with follow up on-site 1-on-1 lessons (20, 30, or 40 minutes per person).

With many employer-funded health stipends reimbursing gym memberships and fitness apparel, Alexander Technique lessons are an excellent consideration for health offerings. Please be in touch if you are an employer considering adding this option, or an employee with questions about proposing A.T. lessons to be included as a reimbursable service in your health stipend. We can work together understanding what your unique organizational needs are.

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