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Frequently Asked Questions 😀

  • Where are lessons located?

Brittany currently offers in-home private Alexander Technique lessons, with group workshops organized on a case-by-case basis. 

  • How many lessons does it take to learn the Alexander Technique?

It depends--some people learn helpful information in a single lesson; others study longer. If you are looking for a specific number, 10 lessons are recommended to develop a foundational understanding of the fundamental concepts. One helpful way to contextualize is akin to music lessons: one doesn't expect to walk out of a first music lesson playing a concerto or fully developed jazz solo; it is a process. Similarly, learning to recognize the body as a musical instrument requires some time and attention. 

  • What should I wear to a lesson?

Everyday clothes work great! Sleeveless shirts or short skirts are best avoided, as the teacher works near the armpit area when discussing arms, and table work usually includes resting on the back with knees facing toward the ceiling. A lesson occurs fully clothed (it is not a massage) and does not require special fitness clothing (it is not an exercise class). 

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